Femdom Army Member's Section Updates

Kidnapped and smothered by stalker-part 1

Added: Monday August 3rd
Models: Gia

Description: Gia just wants to hang out with a new guy she met when they were at a bar, but he hangs up on her when she calls him. When he tells her he's not interested in person she knocks him out with... [more]

Alexis POV

Added: Monday August 3rd
Models: Alexis

Description: Alexis wants you to shove your nose up her ass and to smother you with her pussy.Cum see what's up this girls huge, round butt and hot,bald pussy without some dude's fat head in the way! [more]

Lazyboy's got nothing on you!

Added: Sunday August 2nd
Models: Roxanne

Description: Roxanne returns from a hard day and wants to sit on her special chair. She pours herself a drink and unwinds. The more relaxed she gets the more she decides to strip down and before you know it... [more]

Take my full weight-part 2

Added: Sunday August 2nd
Models: Charley

Description: In part 2 Charley gives the shoot slave a face full of her hairy pussy.His nose is buried between her lips as she enjoys a beverage while he turns purple. [more]

Teased, assaulted and Smothered

Added: Thursday July 30th
Models: Reese

Description: Reese puts on a show for her young friend as he watches her behind the glass. She strips for him and smashes her tits and ass against the glass making him want her even more! She invites him to... [more]

Take my full weight-part 1

Added: Thursday July 30th
Models: Charley

Description: Part 1 is ALL reverse smother as the shoot slave struggles under Charley's ample ass cheeks.This is textbook full weight facesitting by a curvy,dominant woman. [more]

The human shower

Added: Tuesday July 28th
Models: Nadia

Description: Nadia needs to clean her dirty, sweaty body and starts to take a shower but decides to let her human shower clean her instead. He starts by licking and sucking her dirty feet and toes. He then is... [more]

Aries sessions-finale

Added: Tuesday July 28th
Models: Aries

Description: In the final Aries clip she makes me lick her ass DEEP and to keep me breathless she sits her full weight on my face at times too.It's quite a sensation to work so hard to lick and then have her... [more]

A face full of Missy May

Added: Sunday July 26th
Models: Missy May

Description: Since her slave is doing nothing but sitting around staring at the walls anyways, Missy May gives him something else to stare at and backs her ass up into his face. She rubs her butt all over him... [more]

Vicky becomes a facesitter

Added: Friday July 24th
Models: Vicky

Description: Vicky's first time facesitting begins with her saying things to the shoot slave in Spanish.She makes a lot of comments about riding his face like a horse as he smothers under her tight ass.She... [more]

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