Femdom Army Member's Section Updates

Jilling off on his face

Added: Friday May 26th
Models: Kasey

Description: Kasey is the newest Femdom Army girl and she told me that when girls masturbate it's called "Jilling off instead of Jacking off". She then proceeded to take a seat on the slave's face and play... [more]

Jackie cums on his face part 2-reverse smother

Added: Friday May 26th
Models: Jackie

Description: part 2 is ALL reverse smothering courtesy of Jackie's big, soft butt! She spreads her ass on his face and ask him how it smells. Buy this clip if you want to skip the masturbation and watch her... [more]

Beaten,facesat and humiliated-part 1

Added: Friday May 26th
Models: Cheyenne Reese

Description: part 1 of 2-Reese has Cheyenne's help to really hurt the shoot slave in this clip.Chalked full of facesitting,punches and overall humiliation.Cheyenne butt smothers him while Reese chokes him so he... [more]

White thong facesitting

Added: Friday May 26th
Models: Betty

Description: Betty buries the little shoot slave's face in her panty covered clit and then flips around and sits her crack right on his nose! [more]

Angel becomes a foot domme

Added: Wednesday May 24th
Models: Angel

Description: Angel has never had her feet worshipped in her life. When her buddy gets a little rude with her she has no problem taking him down and puttig her stinky, sweaty socks on his face and smothering him... [more]

Big naked asses will destroy you

Added: Wednesday May 24th
Models: Baby Gia

Description: Gia and Baby are sitting around naked waiting to get started when the annoying shoot slave decides to provoke them and hit them with a pillow (as if these girls need to be provoked to sit on his... [more]

Jackie cums on his face part 1-getting off

Added: Wednesday May 24th
Models: Jackie

Description: part 1 of "Jackie cums on his face" starts off with some reverse sitting before she decides to smash her pussy on his face and play with herself. She has a nice cum before she does some side saddle... [more]

Big booty to the face

Added: Monday May 22nd
Models: Vanessa

Description: Vanessa's ass completely destroys her seat in this video. The first few minutes she locks him between her thighs in a forward facesit but most of the clip she uses her ass to sit all of her weight... [more]

Nice to meet you

Added: Monday May 22nd
Models: Dylan

Description: How would you like Dylan to sit on your face after knowing you for all about 30 seconds? That's what happened to the shoot slave. He waited outside with my buddies until Dylan was ready to conquer... [more]

Constantly covered in pussy and ass-part 2

Added: Monday May 22nd
Models: Brittany Tiffany

Description: part 2 of 2-This clip is Brittany and Tiffany at their best.They rotate sitting their full weight on the shoot slave's face in a rather excellent display of smothering."I'm not gonna lie your nose... [more]

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